Ignoring India, Washington Keen To Rebuild US-Pakistan Ties?

Washington is determined to further strengthen US-Pakistan Relations despite scrapping off the aid to Islamabad. The US extended warm wishes to Islamabad on the eve of Pakistan’s 72nd Independence Day. Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State stated on Tuesday that the US is hopeful of bolstering ties with the people and the new government of Pakistan.

Pompeo stated that the US looks to work with Islamabad on shared goals of security, stability and prosperity in South Asia. Pompeo cited the long history of cordiality between the US and Pakistan which extends well over seven decades. He said that the relationship between the US and Pakistan has always rested on a strong foundation of close cooperation between the people of the US and Pakistan.

The bilateral ties between the US and Pakistan started simmering over Pakistan’s support to terror outfits. The recent military deal signed between Pakistan and Russia has further infuriated Washington. Expressing US’ stance on Pakistan, Mike Pompeo stated that the US will keep looking for opportunities to work with Pakistan.

Even Imran Khan stated last week that the two nations must look to iron out the wrinkles in their relationship. Imran Khan who will soon be the next leader of Pakistan called for enhancing of bilateral ties between the US and Pakistan. In recent times Donald Trump has slammed Pakistan for providing safe havens to terrorists. The US Congress also passed a bill to scrap off the defence aid given to Pakistan.

The US has vouched to block the IMF bailout of $12 billion which Pakistan urgently requires. The US has strong objections to money from the IMF being used to pay the Chinese lenders under CPEC loans. Can the US and Pakistan now rebuild their strategic partnership again?

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