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US-North Korea Headed for a War as Kim-Jong-un Declines To Denuclearize?

Is the US-North Korea War inevitable despite the Singapore summit? While the US-North Korea Summit earlier this year marked a historic event in the making of global denuclearisation, Kim-Jong-un has turned down all proposals of denuclearisation made by the Trump Administration. Pyongyang has blatantly refused to give up on its nuclear arsenal out of goodwill as it finds the US proposals ‘gangster like.’ 

North Korea Will Not Denuclearise

As reported by Sputnik News, North Korea has taken a complete dislike to the proposal made by Washington for denuclearisation. The North Korean government reportedly highlighted its efforts made in good faith. These efforts include Pyongyang’s decisions to discontinue nuclear missile tests and also to return the dead remains of the fallen US soldiers.
Despite the Singapore summit the US has been incessantly asking nations to impose sanctions on North Korea. Facing similar challenges from the unilateralism of the US, Russia, China and Iran have extended support to North Korea and a big anti-US alliance seems to be brewing. Iran and Russia too are facing sanctions from the US while China is fighting a massive trade war with Washington given Trump’s protectionism.

US-North Korea Relations Back To Square One?

The meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in Singapore was hailed globally as an initiation of global peace. The US called the summit highly successful and stated that North Korea had agreed to denuclearization. These reports sent cheer all across the world which was otherwise concerned about the magnifying tussle between the US and North Korea. But now things seem to be changing again and the Singapore summit is becoming irrelevant for things may go back to square one again.
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