US, North Korea Must Engage In Series Of Talks Before Vietnam Summit: US Envoy

The US representative highlighted the need for a series of dialogues between the US and North Korea to reach a meaningful conclusion. US President Trump and his North Korean Counterpart are expected to meet at the second summit to be held in Vietnam.

US, North Korea Agree to Denuclearise the Korean Peninsula


The US Special Representative for North Korea, Stephen Biegun preliminary talks seems to be fruitful still alike talks are needed before the commencement of Vietnam summit on February 27-28.

Stephen Biegun told the Foreign Minister of South Korea Kang Kyung-wha, “We have some hard work to do with the DPRK between now and then. I’m confident that if both sides stay committed we can make real progress here.”

US President Trump declared Hanoi as the place where the diplomatic talks between the US and North Korea will take place. “I look forward to seeing Chairman Kim & advancing the cause of peace!” Trump added.

The US state department confirmed that Stephen Biegun has accepted the proposal to the second round of talks with his North Korean Counterpart Kim Hyok Chol before the  Vietnam summit. Although, North Korea has not given any confirmation related to the summit.

The talks will focus on the US commitment to remove economic sanctions in return for North Korea’s denuclearisation programme. Biegun said that the USA is willing to talk over actions that are needed to improve relations between the two countries. During talks with the US secretary of state, Kim Jong Un pledged to destroy the plutonium and uranium deposits, said Biegun.

Trump is looking forward to the foreign policy to remove conflicts and is willing to take part in the second summit, regardless of the fact that North Korea has not given up its nuclear weapon programme. Trump and Biegun have assured the economic benefits to North Korea if it abandons its nuclear weapons. The summit held in Singapore didn’t succeed in implementing denuclearisation move in North Korea.


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