Is US Planning to Invade Iran via the Afghanistan Border?

What are US special forces doing on Iran-Afghanistan Border? Amid the possibilities of the US-Iran War, the US has deployed special forces near the Iran border in the Farah province of Afghanistan. According to the Ministry of Defence, Afghanistan, the special forces have been deployed in the western province of Farah for military training purpose, but experts in Iran think otherwise. 

Is the US looking to invade Iran through the Afghanistan border? If that is not the case then what are the US forces doing at the Iran border? As reported by PressTV, the spokesperson of Afghanistan’s defence ministry, however, said that the special forces have been deployed to give weapon’s training to the Afghan forces. The official also stated the US special forces will not take part in combat operations.

The timing of this deployment coincides with the imposition of a wide range of US sanctions on Tehran. The US is looking to isolate Iran economically by stamping a flurry of old and new sanctions on Iran. These sanctions come after the US pulled back from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or the Iran Nuclear Deal signed between Iran and P5+1 nations in May.

Since then both the nations have been in a verbal spat with each other issuing regular threats. The US is determined to bring Iran’s oil sales to zero and Iran has refused to give to the plans of Washington. Iran stated that it would not mind blocking the Strait of Hormuz to cease all oil shipments through the Gulf.

The US President Donald Trump also offered Iran to participate in a bilateral meeting sans preconditions but Iran refused to talk. All of these scenarios could very well trigger a war between Iran and the US and this deployment of the US forces near the Iran border looks like a part of the preparation. Is the US looking to invade Iran?

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