The US Is Addicted to Sanctions, But Iran Will Withstand: Iranian Minister

Amid the intensifying US-Iran dispute post the US’ withdrawal from the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal, both the nations have instigated a verbal war on each other. Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javed Zarif said on Sunday that the US is addicted to sanctions but Iran can withstand them. He said that Iran can stand united against the US sanctions and pass through this rough phase.

Mohammad Javed Zarif was addressing the first joint meet between the Iranian Ambassadors and the representatives of the private sector in Tehran on Sunday. The foreign minister said that the history of American foreign relations with other nations is terrible as they have imposed sanctions on many other nations.

He also stated that Iran can withstand this crucial time as the situation shall soon improve given the fact that the world stands with Tehran. The Foreign Minister also highlighted the fact that the world would agree that the US now needs to get over its addiction of imposing sanctions.

He further stated that Iran must make sure that this pressure being exerted by the US is converted into non-oil exports and an enhanced national production. The US had earlier threatened Iran that it will bring down its oil sales to almost zero. Iran hit back strongly at the US and stated that if Iran’s oil sales are ceased, Iran will not let any oil shipments pass through the Gulf region.

Trump very recently warned Iran that the US will bring to it the kind of suffering which only a few in the past have seen. Despite the threat of US sanctions, Turkey, Europe, Russia and China have extended their support to Iran and have made it clear that they will continue to trade with the nation.

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