US-Germany Relations Deteriorate; Trump Threatens To Pullout from Germany

Why are US-Germany Relations at the lowest since the World War?  What makes US President Donald Trump at the opposite end of the German chancellor, Angela Merkel? The Trump Administration is studying the consequences of a possible withdrawal of US Military Forces from the German soil, according to reports. This pullout has potential to severely impact US-Germany Relations and Washington’s relations with EU and NATO.

The study is being conducted by heightening tensions between US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to Washington Post. The studies were initiated after Trump’s displayed his interest in withdrawing the US troops from Germany.

President Trump was reportedly shocked by the cost and size of the US presence in Germany, which included active 35,000 US troops. Reports of an ill-advised and speedy exit of the United States from Germany have terrified leaders in Europe who are apprehensive about US’s future role in NATO.

Meanwhile, President Trump has reemphasized his stance that NATO allies must augment their defence budget, ahead of the alliance’s summit in Brussels next month. “Germany needs to spend more money, and so does Spain and France; it’s not fair what they’ve done to the US,” Trump said. 

Donald Trump claimed Washington was paying “disproportionately” to the NATO alliance, as the spending target for each member is set to 2% of the GDP.

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