US Does Not Have The Military Technology To Compete with Russia in the Arctic? Experts

The US has limited military resources to compete with Russia in the Arctic which is a key zone of Russian geopolitical and military interests. This was stated by experts commenting on US Navy Commander in Europe and Africa, Admiral James Foggo, who stated that the US will not allow Russia and China to dominate the Arctic and control the Northern Sea Route.

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The expert stated, the US does not have the technology to work at extremely low temperatures and they do not have Arctic surface ships. “They have only two icebreakers, only one of which can work in the Arctic, and that is not enough to ensure the passage of strike groups.

This was the reason for the abandonment of the US Arctic exercises at the end of last year – in case of a breakdown in high latitudes, the crew of the only American icebreaker would be forced to turn to Russia for help, ”stated the experts.

According to the experts, “the US and allies must understand that it is Russia that determines the rules of the game in the Arctic.” “In addition to massive economic interests, there is also the issue of national security, because the Arctic is the shortest direction for a strike on Russia from the United States.

That is why Moscow finally began to restore its military presence there. And the resources that Russia currently has there includes the Arctic search stations, ports and airfields, air defence stations and, of course, the nuclear icebreaking fleet – makes Russia the indisputable power of the Arctic region.

As EurAsian Times reported earlier, the US admiral stated that the Arctic and the Northern Sea Route should be equally used by all countries of the Arctic Council. At the same time, according to Admiral Foggo, American companies are not interested in using the Northern Sea Route, since its depth is too small for the US ships. He concluded by saying that China is not a member of the Arctic Council, and therefore has no right to use the Arctic waters.

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