US Could Eliminate Russian President Vladimir Putin If Washington Had Its Way – Israeli Expert

A civil war is already underway in the United States. This was stated by an Israeli expert, former head of the Nativ service, Yakov Kedmi, answering questions on the TVC channel and quoted by EADaily.

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Nativ or Lishkat Hakesher or The Liaison Bureau, is an Israeli governmental organization that maintained contact with Jews living in the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War and inspired migration to Israel.

As the head of Nativ, Kedmi ran PM’s liaison bureau which operated in the USSR before and after the Soviet Union’s collapse and facilitated the immigration of Jews from there. Over the years, he received the title of “the Israeli-Soviet statesman” – which he detests – and a distinction as a great expert on Russia with vital sources in Vladimir Putin’s government.

Kedmi said – “Probably, the civil war that ended the century before can start and resume. In practice, a civil war is already underway in the United States, the question is – with what intensity?

And it is quite possible that the losing side (Trump vs Biden) will not accept the result of the elections and will try to correct it by force. Such is the vaunted democracy and the stability of the most successful country in the world.


Kedmi also said that there is no difference between Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden in terms of following the requirements of international law. Commenting on Trump’s recent statement that he wanted to order the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Kedmi said:

“There was no US president who did not consider the political assassination of a statesman of this or that country as desirable and possible. The entire post-war history of the United States, I do not say before, is saturated and accompanied by these killings.

Where they could kill, where they could not – it did not work. I just want to recall the very best, according to rumor, President – Kennedy. During his time, 170 assassination attempts were carried out against Fidel Castro. This is according to the testimony of the Americans.

And then, what difference does it make whether to kill a politician or to kill 2.5 million Vietnamese? If they could destroy Ho Chi Minh City, they would. But they couldn’t.

I will tell you more than that, if they could eliminate your president (Vladimir Putin), they would have done. They did not have any moral foundations and frameworks, and never will. The only question is efficiency. “

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