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US-China War: Tensions Rises In China After US Deployed Three Aircraft Carriers In The South China Sea

Chinese state media says that tensions between the US and China are increasing and can even lead to a war if Washingon continues to provoke Beijing. This report comes after the US deployed three aircraft carriers in the South China Sea which triggered alarm bells in China.

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The report in Global Times says that China is set to release its 2020 research report on US military presence in the Asia-Pacific amid heightened tensions and hostile activities near China. The possibility of a US-China war could considerably increase, which needs to be managed and restricted, the report says.

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The report notes that since Donald Trump took office in 2017, it started “great-power competition,” akin to the Cold War. For the first time in a strategy document on national security and its Indo-Pacific strategy took shape by the end of 2018, which is clearly directed at preserving the US dominance globally.

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According to the report, the US has 375,000 registered members of its Indo-Pacific Command, including 60% of its Navy ships, 55% of its Army and two-thirds of its Marine Corps. In addition, with 85,000 forward-deployed soldiers and a large amount of highly-advanced weaponry, the US military has persevered its sheer domination in the Asia-Pacific over the years.

The GT report says that in 2020, the US took a range of activities to restrain China which included COVID-19, Hong Kong, Taiwan, high-tech and defence. Recently, US warships have frequently intruded into Chinese territorial waters, held operations in the South China Sea and crossed the Taiwan Straits. In a highly provoking move, it also stationed three aircraft carriers in the region.

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Chinese defence experts told the Global Times that Beijing has expelled the intruding US warships and held drills to strengthen its warfare capabilities, displaying its determination and capacity to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Given their close connection with state-to-state relations and national security, it is certain that dispute and even worsening military ties between China and the US would considerably enhance the probability of a war or conflict,  the report reads.

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This is also not desired by other nations in the region as they would be compelled to take sides between China and the US since any war between the two nuclear-armed nations will get them involved, the report said.

China has been carefully managing its military ties with the US in accordance with the policies of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win collaboration, and the two nations need to focus on managing their disagreements and limiting conflicts, said the report.

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The US, on the other hand, has forward-deployed a large number of its troops, increased its military pacts and conducted hostile exercises directed at China, leaving Beijing with no option but to propel its defence budget and amplify its security to uphold its national integrity and security.

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