Can US-China Trade War, South China Sea & Taiwan Crisis Trigger US-China War?

Will US-China Trade War Lead to a Full-Fledged US-China War? Can Taiwan Crisis or the South China Sea Dispute be Triggering Point?

Will the US-China Trade War eventually lead to a full-fledged US-China War? After the US imposed tariffs on a wide range of imports from China, US-China Relations have been at its lowest. China too retaliated with tariffs of the same magnitude which further provoked the US to press for more tariffs on China. Will the US-China Trade War, besides the Taiwan Crisis, South-China Sea Dispute eventually trigger a full-scale US-China War? 

Is the White House divided over US-China Trade War?

While a part of the White House feels that it is justified to impose hardline tariffs on China, some are trying to negotiate with China. A part of the White House is trying to start fresh talks with China to avoid a the US-China trade war which may potentially convert into a US-China war. The officials of the White House who are keen to reconcile with China are pressing to begin talks before the first set of tariffs come to effect on July 6. The first set of tariffs amount to USD 34 billion on Chinese items.

Donald Trump Will Not Back Down

A certain set of officials at the White House feel that negotiations shall be made. But the US President seems pretty determined to keep the US-China trade war going. Donal Trump hasn’t shown any signs of backing down as yet and this hints at the fact that the chances of the talks happening between the US and China are very narrow. So, a trade war is likely to persist between the two nations. The world shall be concerned that this trade war does not transform into a US-China war which could very well lay the foundation stone for the next world war.

The Escalation in US-China Trade War

The total tariffs imposed by the US on China are worth USD 50 billion. While the first set of tariffs, worth USD 34 billion will come to effect on 6 July, the remaining tariffs of USD 16 billion will be levied after a public review tenure. After China threatened the US with tariffs of the same magnitude, Donald Trump further ordered an identification of Chinese goods on which 10% tariffs can be levied. This is how the US-China trade war further escalated.

US-China War Over South China Sea?

On the sidelines of the trade war, tensions between the two nations are also building over the South China Sea dispute. The US is pushing its allies to increase the military position in the region to counter China. China, on the other hand, is has redeployed the missile systems in the disputed area. This dispute when augmented with the trade war can potentially catapult the US-China war.

US-China War Over Taiwan Crisis

As EurAsian Times reported earlier, The US-China War-like situation has been prevalent for a long time. Along with the US-China War on trade, the two nations are now at loggerheads over the Taiwan Crisis. The Chinese air military activities over Taiwan has irked the US that claims that these are measures to intimidate the Pentagon. However, an official of the US defence forces said that these ‘intimidation’ tactics by China will not push the US to ‘take the bait and respond’.