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Is US-China War Possible Over Taiwan Crisis?

The US-China War like situation has been prevalent for a long time. Along with the US-China War on trade, the two nations are now at loggerheads over the Taiwan Crisis. Will the US-China war over Taiwan crisis escalate? Here’s the current situation on the US-China war, as reported by the South China Morning Post.

The US-China Trade War is more than just a ‘War for Trade’

The Chinese air military activities over Taiwan has irked the US that claims that these are measures to intimidate the Pentagon. However, an official of the US defence forces said that these ‘intimidation’ tactics by China will not push the US to ‘take the bait and respond’. An official from the strategy, planning and capability for the US Defense Department said that the Pentagon understands these acts of intimidation, however, they were also aware of the problems and the challenges with the escalation of the US-China war.

The Escalating US-China War

On the other hand, the Chinese air defence forces confirmed that this was the 2nd round of flight training, in 2 weeks, in the crisis region and called it a ‘historical shift’ in China’s combat forces. An online report stated that the said flight training included combat jets, early warning flights and the H-6K bomber. The US-China war like situation has been escalating and so are the tensions between China and Taiwan. These flight training and military drills near Taiwan have not been taken well by the latter.

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The said flight training was running parallel to a US B-52 strategic bomber plane that was taking rounds along the southern coastline of China. The Pentagon did not immediately comment on the B-52 runs, however, an official stated that the bombers from the US air defence forces are an assurance to the allies in the Pacific region about the presence of the US in Asia. The official further said that miscalculations could lead to a US-China war like situation, however, measures were being taken to avoid such a scenario.

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