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Trump’s ‘Hostile’ Trade Adviser to Participate in US-China Trade War Talks

The US-China Trade War has been escalating and numerous new aspects and events are fuelling the issue. The US President, Donald Trump, has now included his top trade adviser, Peter Navarro, to participate in the US-China trade war talks. Navarro was earlier excluded from the list of officials in the US-China trade war talks. Will Navarro be able to negotiate the US-China trade war terms? Here’s the insight, as reported by Bloomberg

The coming week will hold yet another US-China trade war talk, and this time Trump’s trade adviser will be a part of the discussions. The talks will be between trade and economic officials from both nations, negotiating the terms to deflate the highly volatile US-China trade war.

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Why has Navarro been reinstated in the US-China trade war talks?

Peter Navarro was initially not a part of the trade war talks, mainly because of his earlier behaviour as part of a trade delegation that visited China about 2 weeks ago. While the reason as to why he has been included as a part of the talks is unclear, it is interesting to note the role he may play.

Peter Navarro is known for a long time hostility to China; especially after his book ‘Death By China’ was published. He has been isolated by many senior officials in the US and only came back to power after being promoted by Trump, last year. Although no official has specified the reason, it is said that Navarro’s behaviour at last month’s trade delegation in China did not present him as a team player.

China Warns US of Severe Repercussions Against New US Tariffs

Following the escalation of the trade war, President Trump has proposed a high tariff on Chinese manufactured products, on account of unfair trade practices. The proposed tariff amount is approximately 50 billion US dollars. China, on the other hand, threatens to retaliate against these tariffs. Initially, the US-China trade war seemed unsettling and had the potential to completely disrupt international trade. However, with Trump reversing the ban on Beijing’s ZTE Corporation to access the US-made technology, things seem to be under control.

Will Peter Navarro be able to bridge the US-China trade war or would his hostility and behaviour further the tensions?

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