US-Canada Relations Crumbling, US Border Patrol Harass Canadian Boats

The new ear of the US-Canada Relations is anything but pleasant. Under the regime of Donald Trump, the ever-friendly US-Canada relations are crumbling. The US Maritime Patrols are now harassing Canadian fishing boats in the waters of the Grey Zone. As much as 21 fishing boats from Canada were intercepted and the crew was harassed by the officers of the US Border Patrols. This has hurt US-Canada ties very hard.

What is the Grey Zone?

Grey Zone is the disputed maritime territory in North Atlantic. For years before the fishermen from the two nations have worked here alongside each other and there has been no conflict. But now the US patrols are not just harassing the Canadian fishing boats but also many fishing boats of the US itself. This area which is just 435 square miles in the area is popular for the delicious northern lobsters.

As reported by Canada’s National Post the immigration officers from the US have intercepted a slew of vessels in the area. The law enforcement narratives in the area have intensified from the side of the US. Will this further deteriorate the US-Canada relations?

Here is what the US said

A spokesperson of the US Border Patrol on Thursday said that the area falls within the territories of the US. He further added that such spots are vital for the national security of the nation as well as immigration. He further clarified that no arrests pertaining to immigration have been made yet.

Here is what Canada Said

Canadian experts maintain that these are international waters and hence the US vessels should not be intercepting the Canadian boats or ships. The global affairs department of Canada stated that the sovereignty of Canada over the Machias Seal Island and also the adjacent islands are long-standing. It further stated that this sovereignty finds a great foundation in the international norms and protocols.