Terror Attacks in Balochistan, A Grave Threat to Democracy in Pakistan

The UNSC condemned the terror attacks in Balochistan (Southwestern Pakistan) which killed more than 128 people and left more than 200 injured. The members of the UNSC expressed deep condolences to the Pakistan government as well as the families of the victims. Elections in Pakistan are scheduled for July 25 and bombings in Balochistan region is a vital blow to the democratic process in Pakistan.

UNSC extends active cooperation to Pakistan

As reported by Global Times, the United Nations Security Council highlighted the need to bring the perpetrators, organisers, financiers and sponsors of such acts of terror to justice. The UNSC urged all its member nations to actively cooperate with Pakistan’s government and the related local authorities.

The United Nations Security Council reaffirmed that terrorism and all its manifestations pose the largest threat to international peace and security. The UNSC called upon all the states to stand for combating terror and hence ensure international peace and security. The UNSC also called upon the member nations to eliminate terror by all means in the pursuit to safeguard international peace and security.

This terror attack inflicted by a suicide bombing in Mustang in Balochistan was the largest terror attack in Pakistan is the most lethal terror attack this year. The election campaign in Pakistan continues to dwell in the fear of terror as bombings are claiming lives on a large scale almost every day. Terrorism has been the centre stone of Pakistan’s economic and political problems and this precedent has been there for years.

Nawaz Sharif and daughter arrested on their return to Pakistan

Meanwhile, Former Pakistan Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif who was awarded a 10-year sentence in a corruption case was arrested on his return to Pakistan from London. His daughter Maryam who has been sentenced for 7 years was also arrested. Nawaz Sharif’s son in law has also been sentenced for 1 year of imprisonment for not cooperating with the court.

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