China Aligning with Germany, India to Counter Trump’s Unilateralism

As the US-China Trade War escalates, China is reaching out to Europe for an alliance to counter the US. In this scenario, Germany-China relations have been blossoming as they attempt to align their interests. The Chinese Prime Minister, Li Keqiang visit to Germany this week hints at the fact that Beijing and Berlin are eyeing a greater alliance and strategic partnership to counter the US.

The Chinese PM’s visit to Germany came only a few days after German Chancellor Angela Markel visited Beijing. This meeting between the two leaders will soon be followed up by the China-EU summit.

Angela Markel has made 11 trips to China in 12 years and this is way more than any of her European visits. Berlin and Beijing share a wide spectrum of interests on various global issues and their respective trade wars with the US have pushed them to be in an alliance.

China and Germany shared their sense of opposition when the US withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal. Both Germany and China were signatories to the JCPOA Deal. They also shared their concerns when the US pulled out of the Paris Climate Change and now they share even greater anxieties as the US is inflicting trade wars on China and Europe.

Both are following the simple strategy which says, “enemy of the enemy is a friend.” Both China and Germany even opposed Trump’s decision to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

India, China Become Friends, Due to US Policies

India-China Friendship seems to be progressing from tariffs imposed by the Trump Administration. India-China relations are turning cordial as the two nations stand united against the trade war waged by the United States. The US-China trade war is already on and India too might come out with retaliatory measures against tariffs from the US.

While the US is making the trade tough, India and China are easing their bilateral trade. China has removed import duties on non-basmati rice and anti-cancer drugs. The two nations have also cooperated on sharing data over river flows between the two nations in times of floods. Since April 2018, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping have met twice to strengthen the India-China relations. India-China two way trade almost touched USD 90 billion last year.

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