Has the United Nations Failed to Stop the “Business of War”?

With almost half of the world war-torn, has the United Nations failed in its peacekeeping role? Today, Iran urged the United Nations to intervene in the Yemen War and to curb Saudi Arabia’s aggression. Not just the Yemen War but the United Nations has for also failed to resolve the Syrian Civil War, Gaza Conflict and the Afghanistan War. These wars have been on since years and the United Nations could not do much besides condemning these scenarios. Has the UN failed? 

The United Nations was instigated with a vision of maintaining global peace and stability. However, given the fact that the modern world is on the verge of a war, the UN seems to have failed in its objectives or to assert any control over its member nations. After the United Nations Human Rights Council condemned the violence in Gaza by Israel, the US conveniently walked out of the UNHRC. The intent of United Nations’ is not questioned, but in principle, it has been unable to achieve peace and in fact, things are only worsening.

Afghanistan War

The war in Afghanistan has been ongoing for 17 years. More than 30000 civilians have lost their lives in this war but there has been no settlement over 17 years. If the United Nations asserted more control would this war have lasted for so long? The war started in 2001 when the US invaded Afghanistan and it is still on right under the nose of the UN.

Syrian War

The Syrian war has been active since 2011. Many innocent Syrians have lost their lives in a war that has been kept on as being a burning business. Incessant air raids and chemical attacks have kept Syria in Shambles and the United Nations kept watching. Innumerable Syrians fleed their homes to seek refuge in neighbouring nations. The west kept blaming the Syrian regime and the regime kept blaming the west. This has been the story of Syria which has melted so many hearts across the globe. Can’t the UN do anything about it?

Yemen War

Since 2015 Saudi Arabia and its allies have attacked Yemen to restore the previous regime that extended allegiance to Saudi Arabia. The Hudaydah port has been wrecked by Saudi leaving millions without humanitarian aid, food crisis and a cholera epidemic. Saudi and its allies have perennially waged a war on Yemen but United Nations could not do much about it.

Gaza Violence

Yes, the UNHRC did condemn the killing of innocent Palestinians in Gaza but what did it do to bring casualties to a halt? It condemned Israel yet not actions against Israel were instigated. Is the United Nations’ authority only restricted to condemn such carnages? Are actions out of its ambit.  If that is so then why do we even need the United Nations?

These only make a few examples of the terrible scenarios persisting in the world. If such scenarios persist despite the existence of the United Nations then isn’t it legit to ask if the United Nations has failed. There are bloodsheds and genocides everywhere. The war crimes and human rights abuse are prevalent everywhere. Do we need a UN which fails to address all of these?

Kashmir Issue

Kashmir conflict has been the major discontent between India and Pakistan. The UN rights chief has called for a major probe into widespread human rights abuses in Kashmir by both India and Pakistan. The UNHRC might even consider to set up a Commission of Inquiry (COI) to probe the developments in the contested area. The UN report on Kashmir blames both parties, India and Pakistan for violence and human rights abuses in Kashmir.

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