Bin Salman-Netanyahu Meeting Held in Jordanian Capital Amman

Jordan Hosts Bin Salman-Netanyahu Meeting. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) and Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu held a secret meeting in Amman, according to the Israeli newspaper Maariv. Wha was the key agenda of the secret meet between MBS and Netanyahu? 

Bin Salman-Netanyahu Meeting in Amman, Jordan

Mohammed Bin Salman-Netanyahu Meeting was held at the Royal Palace in the Jordanian capital on the sidelines of a visit to Amman by the son-in-law of US President, also the White House special adviser – Jared Kushner and US Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt.

The report stated that Bin Salman’s meetings with Netanyahu took place both with and without the presence of Jordan’s King Abdullah. Israel and Saudi Arabia have no diplomatic relations, but they are widely believed to have covert relationships and alliance working against Iran. It is believed that the key agenda of Bin Salman-Netanyahu meeting was establishing formal relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, besides discussing the Palestine conflict.

As EurAsian Times reported earlier, Iran and Israel were negotiating via Jordan to de-escalate the Syrian conflict and improve relations? The unconfirmed report stated that negotiations happened between Iran’s ambassador to Jordan, and senior Israeli defence officials, including senior officials from the Mossad. As per the report, a Jordanian mediator was appointed to carry messages between two groups who were sitting in different rooms. Jordan is seen as a neutral country and thus an ideal place for Bin Salman-Netanyahu Meeting.

Kushner and Greenblatt are on a regional tour to discuss Washington’s peace plan with officials in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Qatar.  The Saudi crown prince recently sparked controversy by telling the Palestinians that they should either accept peace proposals or “shut up.”

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