To China: Leave Bollywood, Visit and Understand India Directly

What is “Understanding India” Program? To boost India-China Relations and to increase people to people contact between the two nations, India plans to launch a program in China named ‘Understanding India.’ This will be an effort to make people in China understand India better and get a taste of the Indian culture and the nuances related to it. 

The President of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Vinay Sahasrabudhe was in China to be a part of the World Congress on Philosophy. He stated that to understand India, reading websites and watching Bollywood movies may not solve the purpose.

Sahasrabudhe further added that watching websites, reading about India or watching Bollywood movies will only give people a superficial understanding of what India is. He stated that India is an experience which needs to be lived in order to decipher it.

The President of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations further added that given India’s diversity and large distinctions in cultures, India often seems like a riddle to the world. Hence, the council is keen to have ‘Understanding India’ programs in several parts of the world. He also announced that the Indian Culture Centres across the globe which do not have a name will be named after Swami Vivekananda. In total there are 37 Indian Culture Centres across the globe. Several programs are being planned to demystify India.

Not just in China but the Indian Council of Cultural Relations wishes to launch structural programs for understanding India in all major countries. The main aim would be to enhance the people to people contact which has remained substandard despite India’s robust foreign policy.

India and China have been trying hard to resolve issues since the Doklam Standoff last year. On diplomatic as well as military levels the two nations are showing a positive intent towards working in close cooperation with each other.

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