ULFA Leader Paresh Baruah Hiding in China; Beijing Denies Allegations

India has requested China to trace ULFA leader – Paresh Baruah and clampdown his smuggling of arms and narcotics into India’s Northeast region. India called for an action against fugitive ULFA Leader Paresh Baruah during the meeting between India and Chinese Public Security Minister in Delhi this week.

In 2008, Paresh Barua escaped from Bangladesh when Sheikh Hasina was re-elected, and is suspected to be hiding along the Myanmar-China border and makes recurrent visits to China. Earlier, China denied giving shelter to Paresh Baruah saying that it does not interfere in domestic affairs of other countries.

United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA)

The United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) is a separatist group functioning in Assam, North East India for the native Assamese people. Its motive is to establish an autonomous Assam with an armed struggle in the Assam conflict. The government of India banned the organisation under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act in 1990 citing it as a terrorist organisation, while the United States Department of State lists it under “other groups of concern.”

The ULFA is reported to maintain a number of camps in Bangladesh, where members are trained and sheltered away from Indian security forces. Paresh Baruah their Commander-in- leader is sentenced to death by Bangladesh court

Baruah is financed by ISI remains indefinable elusive even as the other members of the ULFA leadership were handed over to India by the Hasina government in 2009, months after she returned to power. 10 truck arms smuggling case is also registered under his name by the Bangladesh government.

According to the sources, in 2004 the arms were smuggled from China were meant for rebellious groups in the northeast. Baruah played the significant role in the event along with ministers from the BNP-Jamaat government of the day and Pakistan’s ISI.

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