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Ukraine Again Demands Compensation From Iran Over Downing Of Passenger Jet

Ukraine has again demanded compensations from Iran over the downing of a passenger jet besides getting full access to the investigation of the tragedy. This was announced on Saturday by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Priestayko in Munich.

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“We will not depart from the requirements of [flight] PS752, including the full access of our specialists to the investigation and the urgent payment of compensation,” he wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

On February 15, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met Priestayko on the sidelines of the 56th Munich Security Conference, during which they discussed the situation surrounding the Ukrainian plane crash. Iran and Ukraine agreed that the flight recorders of the aircraft will be opened in the presence of Ukrainian experts.

Later, according to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Priestayko and the foreign ministers of Canada, Sweden, Afghanistan and the United Kingdom, as members of the International Group for the Coordination of Assistance to the Victims of the Crash of the PS752 airplane, held a second meeting on the sidelines of the Munich Conference “in order to ensure progress in the implementation of the framework conditions for cooperation with Iran. “

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“The ministers of the countries of the International Coordination Group plan to hand a letter to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif, in which they reiterate the need to ensure the completion of the investigation, prosecution of perpetrators, transparency and justice for families,” said the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine. “The ministers also demand timely and fair compensation which commensurate with previous similar tragic incidents.”

Earlier, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky demanded that Iran punish those responsible for the downing of a Ukrainian airliner and pay compensation. “We expect Iran… to bring the guilty to the courts,” the Ukrainian leader wrote on Facebook, calling also for the “payment of compensation” after Tehran admitted downing the plane and killing all 176 people on board.

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He urged “total access” to the full inquiry for 45 Ukrainian experts, and in a tweet also sought an “official apology.” The head of Ukraine International Airlines said he was sure all along that the company was not at fault.

“We did not for a second doubt that our crew and our plane could not have been the cause of this terrible, awful air catastrophe,” airline president Evgeniy Dikhne said on Facebook. “They were our best guys and girls. The best.”

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