UK Minister Scolds Donald Trump For His Manners

Sam Gyimah, a junior minister in the UK government has slammed the US President Donald Trump for his manners. In a Tweet put out on Friday, Sam Gyimah wrote, “Where are your manners, Mr President?” This rebuke came in response to Donald Trump’s interview with a newspaper named, The Sun. This tweet is the first response from the UK government to the interview in which Donald Trump castigated Theresa May for her strategy on Brexit.

Sam Gyimah is the Junior Minister for Universities, Science and Research and an MP from Surrey. The US President in the above-mentioned interview came down heavily on the Brexit plans of the UK Prime Minister and also backed Boris Johnson to succeed Theresa May as the Prime Minister of the UK. Boris Johnson is the former foreign secretary of the UK.

In the interview with The Sun Trump has said that he has a lot of respect for Boris Johnson and that he will make a great Prime Minister. He also said that Boris too likes him and says good things about him.

Donald Trump also criticized the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan and said that he has failed to tame terror and crime. This Tweet from the Surrey MP is just the first response from the UK government and the US President may be on the receiving end of even more.

Trump Slammed Germany At NATO Summit

Donald Trump’s statements on the opening day of the NATO summit hit the US-Germany relations severely. Donald Trump, during the ongoing NATO summit, said that Germany is under the total control of Russia and as good as being a captive to the Russians. The US President described the relationship between Germany and Russia as being inappropriate.

Donald Trump complained that it is sad that Germany is making big oil and gas deals with Russia. He said that the US has always guarded Germany against Russia but Germany rather pays millions of dollars to Russia under the mammoth oil and gas deals between Germany and Russia. Not just Germany but the US President slammed every other nation which is protected by the US and yet makes pipeline deals with Russia.