UK, France Reject Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

The United Kingdom and France, two of staunchest allies of the United States, will support the draft resolution of the UN Security Council against the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This was stated on Monday by the permanent representatives of France and the UK, Matthew Raycroft and Francois Delattre.

“France will vote for this resolution proposed by Egypt, Francois Delattre said. According to him, France supports the solution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the creation of two independent states, while considering the status of Jerusalem as a matter to be resolved in the course of direct negotiations between the parties.

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A similar position was expressed by the British Permanent Representative. “The United Kingdom will vote for the draft resolution proposed by Egypt because it corresponds to our longstanding positions and resolutions of the UN Security Council,” the diplomat said. He called on all parties in the region to make efforts to “achieve lasting peace”, as well as to refrain from violence.

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The draft resolution was circulated to the UN Security Council last week. It stresses that “any decisions, measures or actions that change or imply a change in the nature, status and demographic composition of Jerusalem are null and void and should be abolished.”

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The draft resolution does not mention the United States, but expresses “deep regret over recent decisions regarding the status of Jerusalem.” The draft also requires countries “not to recognize any actions or measures” contrary to the Security Council resolutions and the call “to refrain from setting up diplomatic missions in Jerusalem.”

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The document was a response to the decision of US President Donald Trump, who on December 6 said that it was time to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of a Jewish state and ordered the transfer of the US embassy there.
Supported by mainly Islamic nations, the Palestinians are expected to turn to the UN General Assembly to adopt a resolution rejecting the US Jerusalem decision. Read More: US Recognizes Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, Muslim World Upset