Israel Palestine Conflict Augments after US’s Jerusalem Move

The Israel Palestine Conflict has augmented after US’s Jerusalem decision, with acrimonious reactions from across the world, especially from the Islamic nations. Even the staunch European allies of the US have not supported the US move. EurAsian Times analyses the Israel Palestine Conflict and impact of Jerusalem decision.

Trump’s Jerusalem Decision: ‘Biggest Mistake of his Life’: Palestinian Officials

Under the Presidency of Donald Trump, the United States and Israel are boosting their relations that, under Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, were rather tense. Trump’s pro-Israeli policy was reflected in his position on the settlement activities, the Iranian issue and the strengthening of the American-Israeli alliance. The biggest goodwill gesture by the US towards Israel was the recognization of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and sent a clear message to the world about who the US supports in the Israel Palestine Conflict.

Israel Palestine Conflict: Tel Aviv or Jerusalem?

Israel Palestine Conflict has been going on for decades. In Jerusalem, there are holy shrines of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. The status of this city is one of the key problems in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. During the Arab-Israeli war of 1947-1949, the city was divided into two parts between the young Israeli state and Transjordan (now Jordan). But during the Six Day War of 1967, the Israeli armed forces occupied the eastern part of the Jerusalem. 
Since then, the Jewish state insists that Jerusalem is the “single and indivisible” capital of Israel, while the Palestinians want to make the eastern part of the city the capital of their state. At the same time, the UN did not recognize such a “union” of the western and eastern parts under the Israeli flag. This is the biggest reasons for Israel Palestine Conflict. Only Israel, the US and some Latin American countries consider it to be the capital of Israel. The rest of the world considers Tel Aviv as the Israeli capital in accordance with the UN resolution. There are diplomatic missions of 86 foreign countries in Tel Aviv. Since the US has decided to move its embassy to Jerusalem, Washington has actually ignored the opinion of the Palestinians and the international community.

Israel Palestine Conflict: Where are the Embassies of Rest of the World?

The Russian, Chinese, Indian, and major EU nations like UK, France, and German embassies are located in Tel Aviv. The Russian Foreign Ministry did not announce any plans to postpone the diplomatic representation, while Indian and Chinese foreign ministry has avoided any statements.

Benjamin Netanyahu Slams Europe’s Double Standard

Along with the United States, the United Nations, and the EU, Russia is part of the so-called Middle Eastern quartet of international mediators in the Arab-Israeli conflict, established in 2002. In April, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs formally stated that it considers “Western Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel”, and East Jerusalem as the capital of the “future Palestinian state”. Thus, Russia became the first country in the world to recognize the western part of the city as the capital of the Jewish state.

Does the Transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem have Legal Grounds?

Yes. The law on the transfer of the American embassy to Jerusalem was approved by the US Congress back in 1995. Six years earlier, Israel began to hand over Washington’s land to the embassy for $ 1 a year. Now there is a vacant lot on this place.

Israel Iran War Certain Under the Trump Administration?

In an effort to avoid steps that could further aggravate the situation in the Middle East, then US President Democrat Bill Clinton postponed the entry into force of the law. The same policy was followed by new President (Republican) George W. Bush, in defiance of the promise he gave to voters during the presidential race in 2000. The last time the veto on the transfer of the embassy was extended for half a year at the end of 2016 by Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, at the presidency. In June 2017, the US Senate approved a resolution calling on the presidential administration to implement this law.

Why US Supports Israel in Israel Palestine Conflict?

Trump actively advocated the transfer of the diplomatic mission during his election campaign to demonstrate his commitment to the alliance of the United States with Israel. The Trump administration is backing Israel in Israel Palestine Conflict. “Yes, I want it to change its place, I want it to be in Jerusalem,” Trump said, “no one supports Israel more than I do. We need to protect Israel.” 

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Declare East Jerusalem as the Capital of Palestine

There are also internal reasons why the president is ready to make concessions to the Jewish state. First, his daughter Ivanka and the son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is in charge of the Palestinian-Israeli regulation at the White House, practice Judaism and have for many years been in a warm relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu.

Arab League Urges the US to Reverse Decision on Jerusalem

Secondly, the evangelical Christians of the United States are considered to be ardent supporters of pro-Israel policy – it is more than half a quarter of the total population of the country and one of the main representatives of the Trump electorate. As noted by Fox News, for 60 million believe the transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem could be a historic event and glorify the name of Trump “for millenniums ahead.”