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UiPath To Capture Potential Local Businesses In India To Intensify Growth

The Google-backed robotic process automation (RPA) company named UiPath aims to capture local businesses in India to fulfil a rise in demand for automation from conglomerates and other businesses. UiPath has been working on potential centres of global companies to intensify growth.

The company said it has seen a maturity among Indian businesses across industry sectors such as manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.

UiPath, which is valued at $3 billion, said it has reported a revenue of $180 million at the end of December 2018. UiPath raised $408 million so far and the recent funding was $225 million from Capital G, Sequoia and Accel in September last year.

“We started from the captives or so-called GICs (global in-house centres). Now we are seeing Indian companies started coming in and understanding the values. We started seeing a lot of traction from all industry sectors manufacturing, retail, healthcare,” said Rajeev Mittal managing director, India sales at UiPath.

Captives, however, continues to hold significant opportunity for companies such as UiPath as nearly 30-40% of the 1200 odd centres have gone on to the journey of digital transformation, added Mittal.

Currently, UiPath’s automation software products are rolled out from Bucharest and this year it will start rolling out products from the engineering centre in Bengaluru, which has a team of nearly 60 engineers working on the development of automation solutions.

India engineering centre, part of the three key development centres including Bucharest and Seattle, would play a vital role for both global and India expansion.

During the past six months, UiPath has opened offices Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and would add one more office in Pune soon.

The company said it would grow the headcount to 1200 in India this year from a 325-employee strong base now. Indian IT services and BPO companies contribute to UiPath’s revenue since their clients use automation solutions of the company.

Raghu Subramanian, President & CEO, Indian and APAC, UiPath said the company would step up-skilling of these technology professionals in RPA. It has also signed pacts with five academic institutions in the country.

“India has the world’s youngest population. UiPath has taken a mandate that globally it will be training and skilling 1 million people by 2022,” said Subramanian.

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