UAE Strongly Supports Indian Revocation Of Article 370 In Jammu and Kashmir

After a series of international reactions, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has come out in support of India’s decisions pertaining to Kashmir. Keeping in view the strategic UAE-India bilateral relations, the ambassador of UAE stated that Kashmir is an internal matter for India and the move was not a unique incident. 

US, UN Urge India-Pakistan To Maintain Peace Over Flaring Kashmir Dispute

Why is this reaction from UAE vital for India?

India may have felt apprehensive for a while about the reactions of the Arab bloc on the abrogation of temporary articles pertaining to Kashmir and the reorganisation of the state but such a positive backing from UAE comes as a relieve for India’s diplomatic prospects.

UAE is one of the major forces in the Arab block and its stance to back India on Kashmir leaves little scope for Pakistan to find support from other Arab nations.

India has found global support on Kashmir

Barring Pakistan and China, India has not really faced any credible opposition from the international community simply because all nations recognise the fact that Kashmir is India’s internal matter.

The External Affairs Ministry of India has already briefed the envoys of the P5 nations about the need to and the execution of its government’s recent moves relating to Kashmir.

The United Nations, the European Union, the US, Turkey and even the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation have not challenged or opposed India’s move but have only expressed concerns over the escalating tensions in the region and have asked India and Pakistan to maintain normalcy across the Line of Control