UAE-Saudi Alliance Plotting to Overthrow Leadership in Bahrain?

Is the UAE-Saudi Alliance actually aiming to overthrow the leadership in Bahrain? The relations among Persian Gulf Nations are hitting new twists and turns every day. UAE-Saudi alliance is strengthening and so are their plans to establish a monopolistic control of power over the Middle-East region. As per reports from the Iranian Media, UAE and Saudi Arabia are plotting a conspiracy to overthrow the Prime Minister of Bahrain.

How is UAE-Saudi Alliance Dominating the Middle- East?

Salman Al Khalifah is the longest serving Prime Minister of the world. In a bid to have a better hold over the region through political power, UAE-Saudi Arabia alliance is seemingly posing a threat to other nations in the Persian Gulf.

If reports from the Press TV are to be believed then this can be seen as a major conspiracy in the making. Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Yemen are the other nations in the Gulf Cooperation Council besides UAE and Saudi Arabia. None of these other nations seems impressed by the surge in UAE-Saudi Arabia relations which are aiming at massive grab in the region.

Khalifah has served as the Prime Minister of Bahrain since 1971. King Abdullah of Saudi and Emir of Kuwait also considered him to be the right ruler for Bahrain. King Salman also considers him the right person but to impress the ruler of UAE he would not mind if Khalifah is overthrown.

Bin Zayed aims to rearrange the political situation in Bahrain by crowning a new prince and overthrowing the old regime. Given how strong UAE-Saudi Arabia ties have become in recent times, it would be no surprise if Saudi Arabia joins the UAE in its bid to flip politics in Bahrain.

The Conflict Within Bahrain

The rulers in Bahrain have seen peaceful protests incessantly happening since 2011. The people of Bahrain demand that a just political establishment be set up in the nation after the Khalifah family relinquishes power. People in Bahrain also hold a fierce objection against the discrimination of the Shia Majority in the nation. Bahrain’s lethal confrontation to these protests has earned it an international criticism.

The detention of human rights activists, dissolution of major political parties, barring the pro-democracy voices of citizenship and other deeds have made people even more wrathful.

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