Qatar Issue: Why US Interests are Threatened by UAE-Qatar Crisis?

What is the Qatar Issue, and why are US Interests Threatened by UAE – Qatar Crisis? The strategic interests of the United States in the Gulf region are under threat following the UAE – Qatar Crisis (since the US is a close ally of both the nations). Abu Dhabi has accused Qatar of intercepting two of its civilian aircrafts while on their commercial trips to Bahrain. Doha, on the other hand, has accused the UAE military aircrafts of violating its airspace.

“The US is expected to be working on ending the Qatar Issue as Qatar hosts the biggest American military base in the Middle East”

Gulf Nations Could Face A Scenario Like Never Before Due to UAE – Qatar Crisis

The two conflicting states have denied the claims made against themselves. Experts say there has been a sudden rise in the risk of confrontation between the two nations. Washington, on the other hand, is stunned over the sanctions placed on Qatar over accusations of supporting terrorist activities. The sanctions were imposed on travel and trade by the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Bahrain.

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An international expert on the Middle East said there is a risk of the situation turning into a condition never faced by the Gulf nations due to ongoing UAE – Qatar Crisis. He added that even any accidental action in such a scenario could result in severe collateral damage.

in such a scenario, even a very small spark can light a massive fire

A US defence secretary has said that the weakening of ties between the Gulf Arab allies would pose a threat to the mission of United States against the Islamic State. Iran, on the other hand, has demanded that the restrictions placed on Qatar be solved via dialogue. Sunni dominated Saudi Arabia and Shia dominated Iran are traditional rivals and the Gulf States, including the UAE, accuse Qatar of supporting the rival Iranian regime.

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Qatar and UAE are strategically critical to the interests of United States. A US defence official, keeping in mind the US interests, called for a quick solution to end the UAE – Qatar crisis. The US is expected to be working on ending the Qatar Issue as Qatar hosts the biggest American military base in the Middle East. This military base would be vital if the US declared war on Iran, which Washington accuses of sponsoring terrorism.

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