UAE Displays Pakistani Flag Upside Down On Burj Khalifa, Technical Snag or Indian Hand?

Burj Khalifa, the world’s iconic skyscraper, displayed an ‘upside down’ Pakistani flag on Friday. The flag wasn’t showcased earlier on Independence Day due to a major technical snag.

The Pakistan Association in Dubai (PAD) made an immediate move by sending a complaint letter to Emaar, the developer of Burj Khalifa, as they were besieged with numerous calls from disappointed expats, Khaleej Times reported on Sunday.

The complaint letter sheds light on how the wrong positioning of the national flag has hurt the sentiments of the 1.5 million Pakistanis residing in the United Arab Emirates.

It states: “The Pakistani community is deeply saddened by the Pakistani flag lighted upside down on Burj Khalifa on 16-8-2019. Burj Khalifa has been lit up with the Pakistan flag earlier as well, and it was always placed in a correct manner.”

The flag showcased on Dubai’s iconic building at 8:42pm on Friday. Right after the event, video of the flag display went viral on Twitter, with over 100,000 views; however, it was flooded with comments from users saying that the flag was upside down.

The PAD took notice of the outrage from upset expats and tweeted the next day: “Dear @Burj Khalifa @emaardubai, please look at the placement of the flag.”