Middle East Space Race: After UAE, Bahrain to Finalize Pact with ISRO for Training and Research

Bahrain regards India as an important market because it will become one of the superpowers in terms of economy.

Bahrain will sign a pact with ISRO – the Indian Space Research Organization for training and research purposes. Kamal Bin Ahmed Mohammed, Minister for Transportation and Telecommunications said that the collaboration with ISRO has been approved by the Bahrain government and is in its final stage. “I will be in India shortly, maybe in the next air show in February to sign the MoU.”

The agreement between the two countries will mainly be for training purposes. Mohammed said it was just the initial stage. “The government will send some Bahrainis to be trained in India from January for eight weeks, to study how they can design and build satellites. Bahrain is also looking at forging closer economic ties with India to attract investment and tech companies.

The minister said they were in continuous discussions with the private sector, CII and Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) to promote Bahrain and attract foreign investment.

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Bahrain regards India as an important market because it will become one of the superpowers in terms of economy. Mohammed said Indian companies are becoming bigger, they are expanding outside India. “The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries offer them the best opportunity.”

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