UFO Spotted: Two Years After US Navy Pilot Sighted ‘UFO’, Leaked Pictures Keep ‘Alien’ Rumor Mill Running

A motionless, cube-shaped UFO was spotted in the sky by a US Navy pilot while flying a jet over the Atlantic Ocean, in 2018. Leaked pictures of the ‘UFO’ has sparked a fresh debate on the existence of aliens.

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According to reports, the pilot who was the backseat weapons system operator on the Navy’s Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet fighter took a picture of the object using his personal cell phone.

This leaked photo, published by The Debrief on Thursday, was included in the 2018 position report, two DoD and one intelligence source told the outlet
The pilot of a Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet took the picture of the object using his personal cell phone.

The photograph first surfaced in an intelligence report belonging to the US Department of Defense’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF).

The unclassified picture started doing the rounds among the US intelligence agencies. The Pentagon described the unidentified flying object or the UFO as “cube-shaped” and silver-colored.

So, was it really a spaceship or a vessel of some sort flown by an extraterrestrial being from another planet?

According to the picture, the UFO has been called “inverted”, “bell-shaped” and having “ridges or other protrusions along its lateral edges, extending toward its base”.

Experts speculated that the object might well have been a GPS dropsonde,  a weather monitoring device attached to a parachute.

However, according to The Debrief’s senior investigative journalist, Tim McMillan, there seemed to be no actual dropsonde shown in the picture. McMillan, who already spoke to an atmospheric researcher, said there were no signs of an aircraft above the object either, which could drop the dropsonde.

Doubts were also raised as to whether the UFO was actually a research balloon, which is usually filled with lighter-than-air gases like helium, and fly at high altitudes. But McMillan who also spoke to two defense officials learned that it was not the case.

Pilots who encountered the object described that, unlike a balloon under similar conditions, the object was completely motionless and seemingly unaffected by ambient air currents, said McMillan.

According to The Debrief, the UAPTF had issued two classified intelligence ‘position reports’ along with the leaked photo, which confirmed that the object could really be an alien vessel.

Numerous sources from various government agencies told The Debrief that these reports include clear photographic evidence of UAP. The reports also explicitly state that the Task Force is considering the possibility that these unidentified objects could, as stated by one source from the U.S. Intelligence Community said, be operated by the intelligence of unknown origin, according to  The Debrief.

According to sources, the UAPTF report also considered the possibility of the UFO possessing the ability to freely “move through the air and underwater, zipping through the ocean undetected and emerging into the air at incredible speeds”.

Nick Pope, who has investigated UFOs for the British Ministry of Defense, said the revelations from the reports are “extraordinary”.

These revelations are extraordinary, and give the public a genuine peek behind the curtain when it comes to how the US government is handling the UFO issue, he maintained.

He told DailyMail.Com that this new information confirmed that the US government was taking the UFO phenomenon more seriously than ever before.

There have been plenty of UFO sightings in the past with the Pentagon even officially admitting the presence of such objects in recent times.

What is highly interesting about these objects is that they seem to be powered by unconventional non-jet based flight propulsion systems that do not exhibit any exhaust trails, while also being capable of rapidly navigating water, air, and space.

So far, no country or corporation has claimed to have any such technology, and only time will tell whether governments will actually admit to the presence of alien life amongst us.

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