Two Pakistani Citizens Test Positive For COVID-19 After Returning From India

Two Pakistani citizens have tested positive for the Covid-19 on their return from India. Both the people are residents of Lahore, Punjab and have been put under quarantine.

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The tests for Covid-19, according to reports in Pakistan Media, for the other three individuals came back negative and one of the individuals had travelled to India for a liver transplant. However, the doctors in India refused to conduct the procedure due to the patient’s advance age.

Earlier, as EurAsian Times reported, five Pakistani citizens on medical visas in India have managed to return to their homeland via the Wagah land border on Sunday.

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The Pakistani citizens had been stranded in the capital Delhi and neighbouring Noida due to the travel restrictions imposed by Modi-Government.

In a statement, the Pakistan High Commission stated, “Five Pakistan nationals, namely Chaudhary Muhammad Ashfaq, Nighat Mukhtar, Yasir Mukhtar, Muhammad Khalid and Chaudhry Muhammad Asif, today, successfully returned to Pakistan via Attari-Wagah border. These individuals had come to India on medical visas and they were stranded in Noida/New Delhi (India) due to coronavirus – related restrictions. The regular movement across the Attari-Wagah border is also currently suspended.”

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The Pakistan High Commission “remained in close contact with the Indian side as well as the relevant authorities in Islamabad to firm up the expeditious and safe return of these Pakistanis”, adding that “in close coordination with both Indian and Pakistan sides, the Mission is making all-out efforts for an early return of the remaining Pakistan nationals stranded in India”.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has decided to keep its borders with neighbouring Iran, Afghanistan and India closed for another two in an attempt to contain the coronavirus pandemic.