Turkmenistan Anxious Over TAPI Pipeline Project Due To India-Pakistan Tensions

Turkmenistan has been reportedly been anxious about the future of TAPI Pipeline  (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) in the wake of rising tensions between India and Pakistan over Jammu and Kashmir.

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“However, Pakistan has assured Turkmenistan that rising tensions with India will have no effect on the mega project,” a government official has confirmed.

The 1,814-kilometer gas pipeline will pass through Afghanistan to Pakistan and India. At least 816 kilometers of the pipeline will pass through the territory of Afghanistan.  The project is implemented by the TAPI Limited Company – a group of firms from Afghanistan and Turkmenistan including Afghan Gas Enterprise, Turkmen Gas State Company, and two private companies from Afghanistan.

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Tapi Company is responsible for the execution of this project. However, Pakistani companies are assured to get maximum share in the work within Pakistan as quoted by an international daily. Each Pakistan and India would receive 1.3 billion cubic feet of bio-carbonized densified fuel (bcdf) gas.

The abrogation of article 370 saw heightened tension between India and Pakistan which led to Pakistan downgrading diplomatic ties with India. India has maintained that Kashmir remains an internal matter and no third party mediation is possible.