Turkish Vice President: US Judicial System Influenced by FETO

The US judicial system is under the influence of the organization of the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen (FETO), which was allegedly behind the attempt of a coup in Turkey in July 2016. This was stated on Thursday by the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Bekir Bozdag.

“The American judicial system is under the influence of FETO.The case of [Iranian-Turkish entrepreneur Reza Zarrab has political motives. If there are laws in your country, then you must have proof of his guilt,” he stressed.

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The US authorities arrested Zarrab in Miami, Florida in March 2016 on charges of organizing illegal schemes to transfer money to the Iranian government, bypassing the sanctions imposed by Washington on Tehran. In early September, the US Department of Justice also indicted in absentia the former Minister of Economy of Turkey Zafer Caglayan, the former head of the Turkish state bank Suleiman Aslan and two of their accomplices “in collusion to use the financial system of the United States in order to carry out millions of dollars in favor of the government of Iran and other Iranian structures.

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Violations of US sanctions took place in the period from 2010 to 2015, the document says the Justice Department. The defendants were associated with a whole network of companies based in Turkey, Iran, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. They resorted to the services of American banks, whose employees were not aware that the funds were being sent to the authorities in Tehran. The maximum penalty for such cases is imprisonment for up to 30 years.