Whats the Story behind Trump Skyscraper in Moscow?

Whats the Story behind Trump Skyscraper in Moscow? CNN published on Friday a document belonging to the US president of the company Trump Organization on the conditions of the planned construction of a skyscraper in Moscow.

According to the text of the document, the building was to be named Trump World Tower Moscow. It was supposed to accommodate premises for commercial real estate, a hotel, about 250 elite class apartments, as well as a spa under the brand of Ivanka Trump – the daughter of Donald Trump.

Along with the document, the TV channel also published a letter from the American businessman of Russian origin Felix Seth, directed by Michael Cohen, Trump’s current legal counsel, who previously served as executive vice president of the Trump Organization. Seth, according to CNN, served as an intermediary in the negotiations between the Russian and American sides.

“Let’s put it into practice and build Trump Moscow, and perhaps improve relations between countries, showing that commerce and business are much better and more practical than politics,” said Sauter in his message. In the letter, he also asks Trump to sign the document and send it back.

As the channel indicates, the 17-page document in question was not a full-fledged contract, but was the so-called preliminary agreement of intent, setting the framework for further negotiations. According to CNN, Trump signed it, but the deal eventually fell through. If the final construction agreement was reached, the Trump company would receive $ 4 million as an advance payment, and later another $ 3 million.

Trump Skyscraper in Moscow: Undeveloped 

The fact that Sauter already during the election campaign in 2015 offered the Trump Organization leadership to start building the Trump Tower in Moscow, the Washington Post reported in late August. According to her, Sater called Trump to come to the Russian capital and present there a proposal for the construction of a skyscraper, but this did not happen. As the publication wrote, there were difficulties with the land and building permits. As a result, at the end of January 2016 the project was canceled.

The fact that the Trump Organization planned to build a skyscraper in Moscow, was known for a long time. About this in November 2013 Trump himself told the Russian media, visiting Moscow in connection with the finals of the contest “Miss Universe”. One of the companies participating in the negotiations was Crocus Group of businessman Araz Agalarov. In July 2015, Agalarov told media that Trump, who had already entered the pre-election race at that time, did not refuse to participate in the joint project to build the tower in Moscow. However, in early November 2016 Agalarov excluded the implementation of joint projects with Trump after his victory in the elections.