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ASEAN Summit: India-US to Boost Defence Relationship, Squeeze China

The world’s two great democracies US and India should also have the world’s finest armies.’ Prime minister of India Narendra Modi and Donald Trump echoed the same sentiments after their meeting on Monday. The two countries took a firm stand which draws the media attention. The two leaders met in the ASEAN Summit in Manila, Philippines.

Trump, Modi Meet at 31st ASEAN Summit 

The US (Democratic and Republican) has always supported the emergence of India as the leading global power but never talked about its military support so clearly. Although Trump has always been interested in selling military goods to the allies of America, but the way Trump Administration is continuously using the term ‘Asia-Pacific’ as the word ‘Indian- Pacific’ at the 31st ASEAN Summit, it seems to be clear that he wants to help increase the military capacity of India instead of China for Geo-strategic reasons. America is advocating a major role for India in the strategic importance of the Indian Ocean region.

“Both leaders talked extensively on strategic cooperation between India and the United States and shared their commitment to the free and open Indian Pacific region,” said the White House statement. He resolved to increase his cooperation as a large defense associate, saying that two great democracies in the world should have the best forces in the world. It is obvious that this statement issued by White House has come only after India’s consent. It also means that India’s stand is not different from that of the United States. Especially in view of the fact that India has become a part of the alliance of four countries (India-US-Japan-Australia) on the initiative of the US.

US President Donald Trump praised in his recent remarks that India has bought more than 10 million barrels of oil from the US. Trump hopes that strong energy cooperation between India and US will prove to be an economic game-changer for both countries.

India has recently started buying oil from America. Whereas traditionally India has been importing oil from the Gulf region. This step has made not only Washington officials happy, but on the other hand, India’s dependence on Gulf nations has also been reduced.

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