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Trifurcation (Division) of Jammu and Kashmir Being Discussed: J&K Governor

Will the Indian Government trifurcate Jammu and Kashmir? The discussions are going on, Governor Satyapal Malik claims, adding that the decision to empower Leh and Kargil development councils is only aimed at empowering the regions. The Congress asserts that BJP is desperate to attract voters as it is losing all municipal wards in the ongoing local bodies polls. 

Earlier, as EurAsian Times reported, Delhi was “reportedly” planning to divide Jammu and Kashmir into three parts i.e. Hindu Majority Jammu, Buddhist and Shia Muslim dominated Ladakh and Sunni Muslim dominated Kashmir Valley.

“The Indian government will create three union territories of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh,” according to local sources. The report said that PM Modi was ‘very serious’ about Kashmir. “He (Modi) wants to resolve the ‘Kashmir issue’ before the general elections of 2019,” the report said.

“The people of Ladakh are very happy. They had to come down to the capital for every small thing. Now they can do things there,” said Malik, 

The move is also seen as part of the Indian government’s larger schemes to directly influence and control the institutions at the grass roots level without interference from the state government.
Earlier in September, the state administrative council headed by Governor Malik approved the draft Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council Amendment Bill, 2018. The amendments gives councils more power to collect and levy taxes and control various government departments in districts. Besides, all public properties constructed with council fund shall belong to the councils.
The opposition Congress said that the BJP was desperate to please the people of Ladakh as BJP won just one seat out of 26 in LAHDC Kargil elections in August this year.

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