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Chinese J-20 Fighters ‘Hog Limelight’ Ahead Of Zhuhai Airshow; Stunning Images Take Netzines By Storm

China is gearing up to host the highly awaited 14th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, also known as the Airshow China or Zhuhai Airshow, which will take place from November 8 to November 13.

The Zhuhai airshow, which defense enthusiasts from all over the world closely follow, is famed for providing in-depth insight into the country’s latest advancements in aerospace technology. 

The event’s preparations are already underway, with hundreds of firms from different countries beginning to assemble in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, Southern China. 

The air show will feature a range of military equipment, but aviation buffs are most excited to see China’s stealth aircraft J-20, which has already begun to steal the spotlight. 

Two J-20 Leaving for Further Exercises After Ground Display: Twitter

Even though there are still a few days until the event starts, the J-20 pictures and videos have already begun to circulate online. In preparation for Airshow China 2022, four J-20 fighters completed a formation flight training on November 5 in Zhuhai.

Following the training, two J-20 fighter aircraft touched down on the runway. This was the first time the Chinese Air Force J-20 stealth fighters were displayed on the ground. 

Andreas Rupprecht, a Chinese military expert, based in Germany, tweeted, “two J-20As have arrived at Zhuhai, and according to their serial numbers 78130 & 78131, these two WS-10C powered aircraft are from the 172nd Air Brigade within the PLAAF Cangzhou Flight Training Base.”

A detailed shot of J-20 fighter aircraft: Twitter

In the images making their way online, the J-20 fighters can be seen powered by the domestically developed WS-10C engine. Nonetheless, the two J-20A aircraft left Zhuhai after a brief stop. 

In one particular image, the two J-20As are spotted close to the two J-16s. While many aviation enthusiasts anticipate a static exhibition of the J-20 this year, others seek a closer glimpse inside the J-20 cockpit during the Air Show.

The line-up of both J-20As next to the two J-16s. : Twitter

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force will display its operational aircraft, with a focus on the 20-series, which in addition to the J-20, also includes the Y-20 and Yunyou-20. 

What Else To Expect? 

This year, the Airshow China in Zhuhai will be bigger than ever and feature many new models and equipment for the general public to see. Compared to previous airshows, the upcoming event is anticipated to feature more aerobatic flying and static displays.

Via Twitter

The show includes trade discussions, actual products, and flying displays. It has been operating effectively since 1996 and is held biennially in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China.

Shen Jinke, PLA Air Force Spokesperson, highlighted that “this year marks the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the PLA Air Force.” He added, “We will present our new equipment and demonstrate our advancements in long-range strategic projectiles, air strikes, and unmanned combat.”

The Air show will feature some of the world’s most advanced equipment, including military drones, missiles, aviation engines, and even spacecraft. The PLA’s operational helicopters will fly at the airshow for the first time, and more than 20 types of land equipment will be used to support the display.

Separately, the AG600 large amphibious aircraft, and the C919, China’s first homegrown large passenger plane, are two examples of commercial aircraft that will be displayed. There will also be a presentation of the Chinese-developed and -produced Taihang turbofan engine series. 

A J-10 arrives at the exhibition in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, November 3, 2022. /CFP

Furthermore, the entire Rainbow UAV family will be on display at this event, showcasing technological and application advancements.

The Rainbow-4 UAV is powered by a domestic heavy oil engine, allowing it to fly for longer and more safely. The Rainbow-5 UAV has increased its carrying capacity and can now perform a variety of specialized duties in marine operations.

A full-scale replica of China’s space station combination will debut at the airshow, providing spectators with an immersive experience. The latest launch vehicles developed by the nation, including the Long March-9, Long March-5B, and Long March-6A, will be on exhibit. 

The 1:1 model of China’s space station combination is in preparation for the Airshow China in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. /CFP

The event will also include a variety of new spacecraft and engines, including China’s Xihe solar observation satellite. According to reports, more than 740 businesses from over 40 countries will participate in the air show and attend the different seminars and displays.  

Meanwhile, on November 3, 2022, aircraft from the Chinese Air Force’s August 1 Aerobatic Team landed at the Zhuhai AirShow Center in Guangdong, Southeast China.

Overall, the air show is an excellent venue to observe the latest technological advancements achieved by the Chinese defense sector. Besides that, it offers a clear overview of the initiatives that could transform the Chinese military in the years to come.


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