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The Intercontinental Ballistic Missile That Can Even Bypass The S-400 Missile Defence System

The Russian S-400 Missiles, regarded as one of the world’s most potent air defence system has been attracting key US allies including India and Turkey.

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Russia’s S-400 ‘Triumf’ is the most advanced long-range air defence missile system that went into service in Russia in 2007. It is designed to destroy aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles, including medium-range missiles, and can also be used against ground installations. The S-400 can engage targets at a distance of 400 km and at an altitude of up to 30 km.

yars missile
RS-24 Yars Missile

The S-400 has often been described as impregnable but now there is a missile which claims that even the best defence systems cannot track it down. According to Russian Strategic Missile Forces Sergey Karakaev, 5th generation Yars intercontinental ballistic missile cannot be intercepted by any existing missiles defence systems.

“This Yars missile incorporates the latest accomplishments in science and technology. It will suffice to say that it uses new technical solutions that allow not just to significantly complicate, but also make it physically impossible to intercept this missile with any missile defence system,” Karakaev said.

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He added that the Yars missile system supersedes the Topol system on several parameters. “The constructive features of Yars allow to launch these missiles even from platforms, on which Topol could operate only after special engineering works,” he noted.

The RS-24 Yars is a Russian strategic missile system comprising a mobile or silo-based solid-propellant intercontinental ballistic missile with MIRVed (multiple independently targetable vehicle) warheads. The ICBM was developed by the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology under the supervision of Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yury Solomonov.

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