Terrorists Attack PDP Leader’s House In Kashmir, Wife Killed

Terrorism in Kashmir continues to prevail even under the governor’s rule. Two gunmen on Sunday broke into a PPD leader’s house in Kashmir and killed his wife. This comes a week after a J&K Police constable was abducted and killed in Sophian district. Terrorists in Kashmir continue to operate fearlessly in broad daylight and terrify the people in the valley. 

On Sunday two gunmen barged into the house of PDP leader, Abdul Majid Dar in a bid to abduct him. While they were searching for him in the house, his wife tried to stop them and confront them. The militants slit her throat and when she was rushed to a hospital in Srinagar, she succumbed to her injuries. The terrorists attacked the PDP leader’s house in Bandipora district on Sunday night. The 45-year-old wife of Abdul Majid Dar, Shakeela Begum became the latest victim of terrorism in Kashmir which refuses to give in.

Last week Javid Ahmad Dar, a J&K police constable was abducted while he was going to a pharmacy and killed by terrorists. He was abducted by three men in the Kachdoora village in Sophian following which a major search operation was launched. Does there seem to be a pattern in this game of ‘abduct and kill?’ Are the militants in Kashmir specifically targeting the Muslim security personnel only?

On June 14, an Indian Army soldier, Aurangzeb was abducted after armed terrorists intercepted his vehicle. He was abducted from Pulwama and later killed by the militants. He was travelling to Sophian when this happened and this incident left the Indian Army raging. Not even a month had gone by and now this constable of the J&K Police has been killed brutally.

The PDP-BJP coalition in Jammu and Kashmir fell owning to differences within the coalition pertaining to stances on some key issues. Jammu and Kashmir is under the governor’s rule since May 19, 2018, and the Indian Army has intensified its operations in the valley to counter terrorism in Kashmir.

In the last few days, the security forces have carried about 20 operations in the valley and have killed 9 militants. The operations have also left a few civilians injured or even dead. Earlier, during Ramadan, the Mehbooba Mufti-led state government has urged the centre to observe a ceasefire in the valley and let Eid celebrations be peaceful.

But the ceasefire failed miserably as the local militants magnified offences against the security forces. There were ambushes, grenade attacks, and rifle snatchings. Those two weeks saw more than 10 grenade attacks leaving more than 50 wounded. This tally includes 39 civilians and 17 security personnel. The PDP went really soft on the local militants and the ceasefire turned out to be a big blunder. The ceasefire ended with Shujaat Bukhari’s death. Shujaat Bukhari was the editor of Rising Kashmir and who was killed in broad daylight along with two of his bodyguards.