Israel To Relax Guns Laws For Fighting Terrorism

After the liberal gun laws in the US, now Israel is planning to ease gun laws. This move will enable around 40,000 more people to have weapons as per the local Israeli media. Guns laws in Israel will be relaxed in order to make ordinary citizens capable of fighting terrorists and extremist groups. Like how gun laws in US have fetched much criticism, will Israel be the next on the list of unsafe nations? 
The Ministers for Public Security, Gillad Erdan has put forth a proposal to allow Israeli citizens to keep weapons. He proposed that anyone who will pass the rifle training at the IDF shall be given the license to keep a weapon. Harteez reported that the rifle training for a gun license will be equivalent to that of an IDF combat infantry soldier.

Relaxed Gun Laws to fight terror?

If gun laws are relaxed in Israel then it will be seen as a big leverage to the gun lobby. The lobby has been trying to fight relentlessly for lowering the bar in terms of restrictions to own a weapon. The lobby believes that the relaxation in gun laws will help the civilians fight in case of any terrorist attacks.

A similar proposal was even put forth in 2016 citing examples of incidents where citizens fought terrorists. The proposal came after a series of standings in Jaffa that year.  As per the prevalent rules, the Israeli citizens can only keep a weapon if there’s a strong reason for it. The relaxed norms will make it easier for citizens to possess weapons.

At present, there’s an intense conflict going on in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian activists have staged several protests and attacks on Israel. Amid these security concerns, the gun lobby is pushing for a relaxation in gun laws in Israel. Should the proposal be approved?