Terrorist Organisations in Pakistan and Afghanistan Will Be Destroyed – Trump

The number of terrorist organisations under refuge in Pakistan and Afghanistan is ever-increasing. In a recent statement by President Trump, he said that all terrorist organisations taking refuge in Pakistan and Afghanistan will be destroyed. This statement by Trump against the terrorist organisations in Pakistan and Afghanistan is not just a measure towards America’s security, but for the world.

According to the South Asian Strategy, Trump has provided both the means and the authority to the leaders to restrain terrorist groups from taking refuge in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The statement further said that all necessary measures will be taken to protect America’s security from threats by terrorist organisations, and the threats will be answered by eliminating terror groups and the whole idea upon which they stand.

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Trump’s Foreign Policy to Eliminate Terrorist Organisations in Pakistan and Afghanistan

ISIS formerly operated across Syria and Iraq and controlled it completely. It has now lost its control entirely and the statement says that even the remaining members of the terrorist group will be pursued and eliminated. The US Foreign Policy aims to regain its power in the Middle East region, via reinforcing ties with Israel and taking the necessary action against the terrorist organisations. The President’s administration is further working towards fixing the Iran Nuclear Deal to stabilise the behaviour and the nuclear program threat by Iran.

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This powerful statement was released just a few hours after the SOTU address by Donald Trump. The President ensures that the US and Afghan forces will come together, form new rules, and fight against the terrorist organisations taking refuge in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In addition, President Trump announced that an executive order had been signed to open and start operations at the Guantanamo Bay jail in Cuba. The military detention policy is to be reexamined.

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