Terrorism in Pakistan a Big Threat; Top US Officials Set to Visit Islamabad

Is Terrorism emanating from Pakistan a big threat to the US and its allies?  US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford will travel to Pakistan to discuss eradicating terrorism from Pakistan. This was stated by US Secretary of Defense James Mattis on Tuesday. 

“As for Pakistan, the US Secretary of State [Michael Pompeo] and the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, will travel to Islamabad to meet with the new government and make it clear that all our countries must confront the common enemy – terrorists. This will be a key issue for the talks, “he said.

Relations between Washington and Islamabad began to deteriorate after the promulgation of the new US strategy in South Asia and Afghanistan in August 2017. Then Pakistan was accused of supporting terrorist organizations that operate against US military forces and their partners in Afghanistan.

On August 17, Imran Khan was elected as the new prime minister of Pakistan. Despite the critical attitude to the US anti-terrorist measures in the region, the Imran Khan called for mutually beneficial relations with Washington. Secretary of State Pompeo said last week that the US is eager to work with the new government of Pakistan to realise fruitful bilateral relations.

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