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Terror In Afghanistan Hitting Education The Hardest: Global Report

The war in Afghanistan has once again picked up momentum with the Taliban and the ISIS indulged in a major show of strength ahead of the October general elections. The Norwegian Refugee Council noted that Education in Afghanistan is increasingly becoming a casualty of terrorism.

Terrorism in Afghanistan isn’t new and the war against terror has been on since 2001. A report titled ‘Education Under Attack’ was published by the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack in response to which the observation pertaining to Afghanistan was made by the Norwegian Refugee Council. The report published by the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack took into consideration the conflict situation in 28 nations.

The report highlights that Afghanistan along with Nigeria has suffered the most in terms of education due to terrorism and extremism. Amid the surging violence in Afghanistan, education finds itself threatened and caught in the crossfire. It was only recently that a suicide bomber targeted an education centre in Afghanistan killing a plethora of students who were preparing for university admissions. The blast inside the educational institution in the capital city of Kabul claimed more than 48 lives. The responsibility for the suicide attacks which targeted the Hazara Shia community was taken by the Islamic State.

Earlier in June, the Islamic State threatened several girls and asked them to drop out of school. Not just this but the Taliban had also shut down more than 100 schools in the Logar province of Afghanistan. In yet another incident, three staff members of the Malikyar Hotak High School were beheaded by local militants. By all means, education has taken the brunt of the surging violence in the most prolific way. The militant organisations in Afghanistan have a bifurcated agenda to undermine education in Afghanistan, especially among girls.

The Nangarhar province of Afghanistan has been affected the most by terrorism. Threats, violence and destruction narrate the story of Nangarhar and the education sector has been completely paralysed by acts of terror.

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