Oppressive State Policies From Kashmir to Palestine Are More Lethal than Terrorism

Terrorism and Extremism have become the two sides of the same coin, creating disruption, violence and fear. The world is gripped by terrorism and extremism and there are authorities committed to uprooting these. But the fact that most people overlook and ignore is that oppressive state policies are often the root cause of all the mayhem. This is how Pakistan Experts view the situation

The UN has recently updated an official list of terror groups and terrorists with the aim to fight terrorism and extremism at a global level. This step by the UN, however, is only 50% of the reality that grips us. People and groups involved in terrorism are condemned but violent acts of terrorism carried out by states are often overlooked. Some recent incidents, like the ones in Gaza, Kashmir and Kunduz reflect the other half of the reality. The recent situation in these 3 regions has not only brought terrorism to the surface but also show that oppressive state policies and officials that carry out mass killings of innocents are often exempted.

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Terrorism in Gaza

The end of March witnessed a horrifying act in Gaza. Security forces from Israel killed around 20 Palestinians and injured more than 1200 civilians at a protest in Gaza. The troops opened live fire on around thirty thousand innocent Palestinians. What was their crime? A peaceful protest in Gaza signifying their displacement over the decades. The UN ignored this incident as the US put a stop to a resolution. In the same scenario, if it was the Palestinians attacking the Israeli troops, the reactions would have been different. These oppressive state policies of Israel have been spoken against by only 1 of the 99 US senators.

Terrorism in Kashmir: Pakistan Perspective

The beginning of April brought to us the killing of around twenty innocent people in Kashmir. Indian military forces carried out an operation against terrorism in the disputed region of Kashmir and the innocents were the price they paid. If this is not an oppressive state policy, which was also praised by the Indian government and media, then what is? The situation in Kashmir is gripped by this oppression, much more than being gripped by terror.

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Terrorism in Kunduz

The Afghan air military forces carried out bombings in Kunduz, in the northern province. The oppressive state policy here claims to be targeting the Afghan Taliban forces that are believed to be operating from within Kunduz. This violent act of bombing Kunduz resulted in many young and innocent students losing their life. This attack was followed by the US promoting the use of military power to eradicate terrorism. To make matters even worse, the Afghan military is justifying this act for a ‘greater good’. The bombing may have killed some Taliban members but who paid the bigger price and who became the bigger perpetrator of terror?

These 3 recent incidents are just some of the innumerable acts of violence that have been led and executed by the states. Non-state terrorist groups and individuals are condemned, so why are these state-led terrorism acts ignored? Terrorism is all about creating a sense of terror and these oppressive state policies are definitely spreading nothing but even more terrorism. No one is willing to address this!

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