Terror Launch-Pads at Threat as India Set To Acquire 54 Israeli HAROP Attack Drones

Indian Air Force will be equipped with 54 Israeli HAROP attack drones which are capable of disabling the enemy’s surveillance bases. Israeli HAROP drones will not only strengthen India’s unmanned warfare capabilities but will also enable Delhi to use against terror bases and launch pads.

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Currently, Indian Air Force inventory already owns approximately 110 Israeli drones which have now been renamed as P-4. These drones are fitted with electro-optical sensors to hover over high-value military targets such as surveillance bases and radar stations before exploding them.

The Defence Sources said: “A proposal to acquire these 54 attack drones was approved by the Defence Ministry at a high-level meeting last week.”

Indian Air Force officials emphasised saying, “The project is likely to strengthen the capability of the Air Force which is going to showcase the capabilities of the missile during the forthcoming Exercise Vayu Shakti where the loitering UAV would be shown destroying a simulated enemy radar target.”

India has collaborated with Israel for Project Cheetah which will design almost all the high-quality attack drones equipped with surveillance capabilities for three services. The three forces have a fleet of more than 100 of these unmanned aerial vehicles which have been acquired in different batches. The forces are also working on developing indigenous combat drones which could be deployed at China and Pakistan border.

Americans used combat drones to carry out targeted assassinations of terrorist leaders in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan while somewhat slow unmanned vehicles are not known to be very effective in warfare.

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