Taliban Can Never Win Election in Afghanistan, thus Resorting to Violence: Mattis

Are Taliban planning to participate in Elections in Afghanistan? US Defence Secretary, Jim Mattis said that the recent escalation in Taliban’s violence is likely to remain for weeks to come. Afghanistan in recent times has witnessed an unusual surge in violence triggered by the Taliban. Jim Mattis said that the violence is expected to persist until the general elections in Afghanistan.

General elections will be due in Afghanistan in the month of October. The US official said that Taliban’s offensives can be seen rising furthermore but the US-backed forces are determined to combat the Taliban fighters.

In recent times, major cities and military bases in Afghanistan have come under massive assaults from the Taliban. The Taliban fighters have killed more than 200 security personnel in Afghanistan in the last week.

Last Friday the city of Ghazni in Afghanistan came under a massive attack from the Taliban intruders. The combat in the city of Ghazni confined for 5 days and more than 100 policemen were killed by the Taliban intruders. After that, two military bases in Afghanistan came under a severe attack from the Taliban fighters.

Seeing the escalation in the Taliban’s attacks, it seems like the Afghanistan government and the US are losing grip over the situation in Afghanistan. The forces have been reeling to counter the Taliban even the Taliban too has lost its men in the clashes.

Jim Mattis also stated that the Taliban fighters are still hiding in homes in the Ghazni City and are waiting to be resupplied. But he also stated that things in the Ghazni city are coming back to normal and the businesses are reopening. He further added that the Taliban have fallen short and they cannot win elections hence they are using guns and bombs.

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