Taliban, Northern Alliance Reach Truce; Will Not Attack Each Other – Pakistan Media

Taliban and the Northern Alliance (the United Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan) have agreed to abstain from hostilities and not attack each other. This was reported by Pakistan’s Geo TV, citing sources.

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It is noted that the parties will announce the agreements reached at a press conference during the day. According to sources, meetings between the Taliban and Northern Alliance delegations have taken place over the past two days in Charikar in Parwan province.

The Taliban’s agreement with the Northern Alliance is expected to prevent clashes between their supporters in the Panjshir province, which remains the only region of Afghanistan not controlled by the Taliban.

On April 14, US President Joe Biden announced his decision to end the operation in Afghanistan. After that, the Taliban launched a large-scale operation to establish control over the country and on August 15 entered and captured Kabul without a fight.

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Afghan President Ashraf Ghani left the country. Vice-President of the Republic Amrullah Saleh declared himself acting head of state and called for armed resistance, led by Ahmad Massoud, son of the famous field commander Ahmad Shah Massoud in the Panjshir province.

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Earlier, Amrullah Saleh, who had been the First Vice President of Afghanistan until the collapse of the Ghani government, now claims to be the acting President of Afghanistan.

Saleh declared himself “the legitimate caretaker President,” citing the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, which says the First Vice President assumes this role “in absence, escape, resignation or death of the President.”

According to available data, the Northern Alliance has up to 10 thousand soldiers, including military personnel of the regular units of government forces, as well as heavy weapons.

On August 22, the Taliban announced that they were sending their formations to capture Panjshir. After that, Ahmad Massoud, according to media reports, began negotiations with representatives of the Taliban on the creation of an inclusive government and overcoming political divisions.