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Taliban Militants Butcher 100 Policemen, 20 Civilians in Ghazni, Afghanistan

Four days of relentless gun battle between the Taliban Militants and the Afghan Forces in Ghazni has inflicted massive casualties. Defence Minister of Afghanistan confirmed on Monday that as many as 100 policemen and 20 civilians were killed in the clashes with the Taliban Militia in the Ghazni city.

It was only yesterday that the Afghanistan police confirmed the news of the surrender of 50 Taliban fighters including key commander Mullah Toofan in the Qadis district.

Taliban Militants Attack Ghazni

Taliban Militants launched a massive assault on Ghazni last Friday following which the security forces responded. This statistical figure given by the Defence Minister of Afghanistan is the first official figure of casualties furnished by the government.

Ghazni was under massive attack from the Taliban Militants and thereafter huge operations were launched by the Afghanistan police and other security forces. During the combat on the Ghazni province, both Taliban and the security forces kept claiming control but the picture remained unclear.

The numbers provided by the Ministry of Defence are staggering. Despite reports of the US looking to come to a consensus with the Taliban to establish peace in Afghanistan, Taliban’s offensives don’t seem like coming to an end.

The attack on Ghazni was a massive show of strength by the Taliban Militia. Ghazni is hardly 120 kilometres from the capital city of Kabul but yet the infiltrators of the Taliban penetrated deep into the city. Taliban Militants also managed to capture some strategic parts of the Ghazni city which happens to be the capital of the Ghazni province.

The fall of the Ghazni province is a big win for the Taliban. The US has sent military advisers to help the security forces while the Afghanistan government has deployed more than 1000 troops to win back Ghazni from the fierce Taliban fighters.

The defence minister also stated that about 194 insurgents including 12 leaders were killed by the security forces. These incessant clashes between the Taliban and the security forces continue to dread the notion of peace and stability in Afghanistan.

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