Taliban Capture Vital Afghan Military Base in Tarinkot, Uruzgan Province

Militants of the radical Taliban group captured a military base located in the city of Tarinkot, the administrative centre of the province of Uruzgan. As reported by Pajhwok, a unit of the Afghan National Army was stationed at the base, as well as representatives of the Okrug police.

According to the agency’s source, a total of 25 soldiers and police were stationed in the base, the number of those killed or injured in the seizure was not reported.

At the same time, Pajhwok also quotes a statement by representatives of the radical movement – they said they killed 10 people and took 13 hostages. The authorities of Uruzgan Province and a representative of the Afghan Ministry of Defense confirmed the seizure of the military base without specifying the number of casualties.

On November 1, CNN, citing the latest quarterly report by the Special Inspector General of the US Government on Reconstruction in Afghanistan (SIGAR), reported that the Taliban, against whom the US-led international coalition had been fighting for 17 years, expanded its presence over the past three years.

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