Taliban Attacks On Afghan Border Guard Leaves At-Least 20 Dead

At least 20 Afghan border guards have been killed in a Taliban attack on their base in western Farah province. Taliban has been relentless targetting the Afghan security forces and even the NATO forces have not really managed to control the insurgents. The Afghan government has consistently accused Pakistan of sponsoring and harbouring the Taliban insurgents as state policy, which Islamabad rejects.

Abdul Samad Salehi, a provincial council member, says more than 45 border forces were at the base in Posht Koh district; only three of them could reach a nearby village, rest of them are either killed or arrested by the Taliban.

At least 20 soldiers were killed and a similar number were missing, most probably arrested by Taliban, said a senior army official said, who was not authorised to speak with the media.

The late Monday night gun battle lasted for more than two hours before insurgents overran the base and communications were lost, said the official. Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesman, claimed responsibility for the attack.

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